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Facebook tests personalised trending feature

Source: The Drum

Facebook has launched a new trending feature which looks to ‘surface interesting and relevant conversations’.

The trending feature will be very similar to that which Twitter currently has, in that it will be personalised and based on what is trending on the platform overall.

According to a blog post by Facebook, a list of topics that have recently spiked in popularity will appear on the right hand side of the News Feed.

However, Facebook has tried to make the feature different to the trends on Twitter, adding: “Each topic is accompanied by a headline that briefly explains why it is trending. You can click on any headline to see the most interesting posts from your friends or pages that are talking about that particular topic.”

This isn’t the first time that Facebook has sought inspiration from Twitter for an update: In June 2013, Facebook launched clickable hash-tags.

Trending is currently rolling out on web in select countries and Facebook is going to continue to test on mobile.

Responsive Web Design


by Phillip Ramsey

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