Skills: Brand Development, Graphic Design, Print, Signage, Strategy and Campaign Planning

Merseyrail – ‘In 1977’ Wirral Track Renewal

Working again with the team at Merseyrail to provide an integrated marketing campaign to inform passengers about essential track works taking place on the track that connects Liverpool to Wirral.

The exciting challenge creatively was – how to create interest about Slab track renewal which not very sexy and certainly something you can’t get excited about. Two challenges faced us when trying to come up with a campaign that would engage and educate passengers before and during the planned work. We needed an angle, something that people could relate to and something that would be eye-catching enough to get their full attention – Nostalgia a powerful and wonderfully creative thing. We worked on the reason why the track needed to be replaced, it was 40 years old coming to the end of its natural life, 40 years brings us back to a golden age of TV, Music, sport and (thankfully) incredibly intricate and colourful wallpaper!!

We combined the both, using events from 40 years ago designed with fonts, graphics and colours from 1977. The fact that the 70’s and in particular ’77 was packed with outstanding moments means we can keep the campaign fresh whilst delivering multiple messages and, hopefully, engage with the public via social media.



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