Liverpool Central closure

How do you tackle the prospect of informing thousands of rail users the largest underground station in the city is to close for five months? Here’s how we did it. We introduced a campaign that positions Liverpool Central as a person. Somebody who needs to change for the better, to fit into the ever-changing environment, answering the needs of an increased audience (2009/10, 18.413 million) and that of a city with a global presence. This being a completely positive closure for those involved. By placing Liverpool Central in the ‘first person’ we can communicate their desire to change and can convey those messages in an appealing and heartfelt manner, giving the station a personality that enables it to deliver difficult messages in a warm and caring voice. This in turn allowed Merseyrail the ability to reach out to its customer base on a warm, friendly and caring level. Utilising traditional and social media across a variety of platforms this is a truly integrated campaign that has caught the imagination of the public and those who travel by train on a daily basis. To keep in the loop visit