Slowly, slowly..

by Phillip Ramsey

Whisper it, we seem to be seeing signs of a recovery in the marketing world. Clients are getting on with projects, budget (or more budget) appears to be getting allocated to marketing and communications again - or is it just us? For the past five years many businesses have lived in a climate of real fear and survival has been a mark of success. During this time far too many have gone under - some were to blame for their own misfortune but many others were the victims of budgets slashed without warning (we experienced some of this). But here we are, on the cusp of a bright shiny new year with a final quarter that, with a month to go, has shattered the revenue of the same period last year. There is still a way to go but hopefully, the 'recovery' will gain momentum. It may well be that we have to wait for our clients (and potential clients) to enjoy a full 12 months of post recession trading before they really get back to normal marketing activity but positive signs are there. Here's hoping.